The success of a mobile app depends on various factors and one of them is user experience. Since you are investing so much money by hiring the best of the best mobile app development services to create a stellar app, its user experience should be one of a kind. There are lots of competitive apps already available in the market and yours will not stand a chance if its user experience is not great.

A professional mobile app development company will follow the 5 best practices given below to improve the UX of your mobile app:

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  1. Error-free functions

According to Experience Dynamics, 90 percent of the users stop using a mobile app because of poor performance. 86 percent either uninstall or delete the mobile app at least once because of its flawed functionality. If the app does not function well, its UX element will not matter to begin with.

Ask your Android or iPhone app development company to test your mobile app thoroughly for errors and problems in the functionality before its ready for launch. Make sure you are only offering mobile-relevant functionalities. Otherwise, users are simply going to uninstall the app and the whole purpose of creating an app would die.

  1. Limited search effort

Your mobile app should involve minimum search effort. A good user experience means your users quickly find what they need. It’s a win-win because they get what they are looking for in a short while and your conversion rate increases. You can include lots of features to make search easy like keyword search or barcode scanning. The less time a user has to spend in looking for what he needs, the better it is.

A complicated app will not really do you any good. You will end up losing customers. Professionals offering mobile application development services create mobile apps that offer a better and easier experience than shopping from a website. This is exactly the kind of app you need.

  1. Usability

Never compromise on the usability of your mobile app. Usability includes content, design, and layout of information. All these elements help a user accomplish the goal for which he is using the app to begin with. There should be guides within the app that tell the user how to navigate, where to go, when to tap or swipe. Make sure the gestures youuse are consistent throughout the app. The size of the buttons should be accurate. They should be easy to tap. The easier your app is to use, the more users it will attract. There are lots of apps on the app stores that offer the same kind of services but one out rules the other on the basis of its usability. That’s the kind of app you need to beat the competition out there. Make sure you hold thorough discussions with your mobile app development company on how to improve the usability of your app.

  1. UI design

Just like anything else, UI design matters. No wonder businesses spend so much money on mobile application development services to get the best design for their mobile apps. Your app should be designed for glanceability. It measures how easily and quickly a visual design conveys information. There should be a seamless visual flow in your mobile app to guide the user in completing the action required.

  1. Security and trustworthiness

The number of apps that invade privacy has increased more than ever. Some apps even contain malware that tracks the activities of the user and gather other information that is personal to a user. The apps that ask for permissions to access your camera or gallery or that ask the user to enter credit card information are not preferred by people. They feel like they have to give personal information for using the app which is not something they are willing to do. Hence, they simply uninstall these apps before even using them.For your mobile to offer the best user experience, make does sure it is secure and it does not ask for unnecessary permissions.

User experience can make or break your mobile app. Hire the best mobile app development company to get the job done.