Fashion has always intimidated us. It’s not only about the outfit we don but also about how we pull off in that outfit. Fashion is not the expensive clothes or accessories, Fashion is YOU. Just like human minds it flickers and gives rise to various fashion trends which comes and goes. There have been only a few trends which have outlived modern experiments and trends. But most of them perishes as soon as it arrives.

The year 2018 has been the year of “Ugly Fashion”. People widespread willing adopted the pretty queer fashion which was already considered “ugly”. And it was not only popular among the masses but celebrities too. While the Beauty Sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid gave life to ugly fashion unabashed. Hopefully the trend has died out in 2019 because it’s quite peculiar for many of us OR maybe it’s not. Fashion depends completely on personal opinion. But most of our question is what exactly is going to dominate the fashion trend in the ever exciting year of 2k19. Let’s have a look.

This year may be a quite exciting with many roads leading to sustainability with the ever-popular ‘desi cool’ and ‘woke’ may stick with eco-friendly and organic options. There are a few more predictions one must consider. And apart from this one may consider a growth in traditional outfits as we have witnessed a number of celebrity weddings this past year.

  • It can be a year of powdery pastels

‘Living Coral’ colour from Pantone will likely to dominate the dynamics of fashion. It’s a cross shade between pink and orange which is inspired from the coral reefs currently facing extinction but you can easily buy this color dresses online using Limeroad Sale with great offers.

Designer Ranna Gill says that this colour would make its presence felt everywhere, ranging its influence from brunch dresses to blouses to maxi dresses and accessories such as chokers, bracelets, belts and necklaces as well. She also adds that in the year 2019, powdery pastels and flowery hues would be prominent. Apart from coral, shades of neo mint, purist blue and sakura pink will also be under spotlight.

  • .what a Nostalgic year!!

Many fashion icons predict that this year is going to be a year of Nostalgia. On one hand there will be a trend of laces and crochet whereas on the other hand the trend of distressed finishes and iridescence is going to prevail and take us into the flashback of ‘80s & ‘90s. However cascades and ruffles are going to be strong but their placement may change. You may feel the old days are back with princess gowns all over. They may come with diamantes, crystals and sequins with something special that would make them stand out such as cutouts, cascade dupattas or an asymmetrical neckline may be the choices the fashionistas would likely to consider.

  • Comfort cuts for more comfy

Fashion also means respecting your comfort and this year it can be its annual agenda. You can expect a decent mix of athleisure and easy fits in daily wear. Director of Amazon fashion, Narendra Kumar also a Designer, comments that A- Line skirts and relaxed silhouettes will be the apt summer choice this year along with culottes and crop trousers in organic fabrics. And guess what, Paper bag waistlines and high- waisted pants are going to make a comeback.

  • Layering

Designer Suman Nathwani based in Mumbai predicts that Layering is going to be a strong trend this year. She says that one can expect trends like over-sized shoulders, quirky constructive designs and contemporary cuts with gender neutral fashion unlike previous year where people were being partial in dressing in one tone gowns and monochrome dresses.

  • Everybody likes Prints

Gill strongly predicts that prints are going to be in trend all throughout fall till winter. The prints are expected to vary from smoke, slogans, and animals, darker tones of pastel and flowery colours along dystopian finishes. Ditsy and tie and dye as well as corrosion patterns and repetitive motifs are foreseen to make a grand comeback. Also you can buy this style using Paytm Offers Today with great offers.

However in all these fashion trends, Tradition will live on with Khadi being in demand from spring till summer. Apart from all-time favourite Khadi, Ikkat, Chanderi and cotton silk will likely to prevail. Loom woven woollens will dominate the fashion trend from fall till winter, predicts Gill.

Handloom textiles such as the brocade, silk and the Banarasi would have a strong presence but will go on and off the fashion runaway, foreseen by designer Deepa Sondhi. She also predicts that handmade designs, foil paintings and hand embroidered motifs layered on silks will get popular.

Hope we have been helpful…Thanks