While it is important for everyone to learn new spellings and brush up vocabulary, most of don’t have the time for any fun activity. This is where crossword puzzles come into play. They are an interesting way of keeping yourself busy while practicing something productive. Internet has many platforms where you can create theme based easy crosswords. But it is important for you to narrow down your search and rely on reliable daily crosswords that are genuine.

6 Fun & Interesting Crossword Puzzles Everyone Must Try

Why are crosswords so good?

From being an educational fun game to help enhance important life skills, here are a few reasons why free online crossword puzzles are so good for your mental development:

  • Helps improve the reading ability
  • Improves spellings
  • Helps in gaining general knowledge regarding current affairs on multiple topics
  • Boosts thinking and processing time
  • Builds problem-solving skills
  • Develops memory and retention power
  • Improves observation skills
  • Sparks great interest in reading as well as writing


6 Best and easy crossword games for you:

Important life skills are important to lead a good life. As crossword puzzle is a great tool for many to help develop an interest in studying, here are a few theme based crossword puzzles that are best suited for all.

  1. Food theme

This one is not only for a foodie person but for everyone. Introduce yourself with the world of food and beverages. You can take help of someone else as well. You can further discuss the benefits of each food items with your foodie buddies, their tastes and whether they are the main course, snacks, desserts or beverages.

  1. Animal theme

There are different species of animals like birds, reptiles, mammals and primates. Play animal easy crossword online to see how much you know about the animals that are present in the world.  To make it more interesting, also make the sounds that they make, think of the food that they eat and if they are domestic or wild animals.

  1. Mysterious word search crossword

You have to search for hidden words in a jumble of alphabets. The words that have to be found is given on one side of the puzzle. You are not allowed to use the internet while you are still solving the puzzle. Once it is complete, then you can cross-check the answers.

  1. Sport theme crossword

From common sports like basketball and football to uncommon ones like polo and fencing, sports puzzles helps you learn new terminologies related to different sports. Go for your favourite game puzzle and have lot of fun.

  1. Music crossword

Music crossword will have musical terms and musical instruments. Not only will he identify different kinds of instruments but can also aid the knowledge as it gives you the additional information about how the instruments are played and the genre of music they feature in.

  1. Space world crossword

Learn new things with the space crossword puzzle. This way, it becomes easy for you to learn different names of things related to the space and the solar system, plus anything found in the outer space.

Besides all of them, there is an endless list of theme based puzzles, cryptic puzzles, word search puzzles and more. Choose your genre and start playing an online crossword puzzle game right now!