To have full or part-time maids in Dubai was once thought a luxury but now a common thing. Whether you’re stuck with a hectic work schedule or any other errand, having a housemaid to take good care of your home does make a difference. Not only you can work in peace but can enjoy spending time with your friends or simply relax.

Before going for a particular cleaning service, you should know that these people will work in your house which will reveal a part of your lifestyle that not even your friends know about. In order to make the right selection, there’re a few things worth considering as listed below.

  1. Private cleaners – Good or bad!

Many times, you’ll come across street advertisements of individuals selling part time maids in Dubai. You should be very careful while opting for such service providers as they could be fraudulent. Only go for those who are registered with a company, having a successful track record of previous experience. The last thing you want is to show the criminals a way to your dwelling.

  1. Price isn’t the only thing

People often fall for such cleaners who charge a minimal fee but remember, all that glitter isn’t gold. What if you end up paying double for the damage being done by scammers or the worse, theft of valuable goods! Therefore, you shouldn’t only fall for the price, but credibility and overall performance matters in the end.

  1. Register with a company

Although individual maids charge less, it’s better registering with a renowned cleaning company providing part-time maids in Dubai. They can get your work done in half the time as compared to an independent worker. Also, these companies may assign more than one personnel to carry out multiple tasks. These workers have a license/certification with profound training that makes them perfect for the job.

  1. Request referrals

Your friends and neighbors are a good source for finding a trustworthy cleaner. Around 80 to 90-percent of housekeepers are hired by word of mouth marketing. It’s a good thing as a person who’s referring also have had previous work experience with the company.

  1. Flat fee is better

A single lump sum payment is much better than hourly basis pay scale. This is so because per hour rate may include additional charges or worse, what if a single task took at least two hours to complete and there’re three other remaining! You might end up emptying your pocket.

  1. Inspecting product quality

Another important aspect is verifying each cleaning product thoroughly for any harmful chemical. Liquid and powdered detergents along with soap bars mustn’t contain such acids and chemicals that may harm a skin upon contact. If you’re having small children or pets, double check each item.

  1. Helpful Tips & Precautions

Having difficulty in finding part time maids in Dubai, why not use internet and social media platform to conduct your search. Be clear with the concept of hiring an individual maid and cleaning company for both may offer the same services but in a totally different way especially with pricing.


Choosing a maid service has never been easier thanks to the details given above.