Just after a student gets graduated, he considers going abroad for higher studies. Studying abroad gives huge exposure to students. Meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, food and what not! Also, it also provides better career options. This is because staying abroad always helps an individual to make better networks and connections. Foreign Education Consultants in Delhi has found that students get confused which country to choose for going abroad to study. It’s natural! Here are some suggestions of countries that an individual can opt from!


Italy attracts tourists from all over the world. This is why it has an interesting accommodation package. This country is a home to some of the oldest European Universities. The awesome thing is that the tuition fees in such universities are low. Therefore, one can enroll oneself in colleges of Italy and can enjoy the rich cultural heritage along with quality education.


Canada’s friendly immigration program is a huge reason that students get attracted to study here. A student opting for undergraduate program easily gets a visa for three years. Not only this, if a student gets a job in the city, he can easily get permanent residence.


Norway is a place which has stunning and beautiful locations. This is one of those European countries where living cost does not touch the sky. Norwegian Universities offers specialized courses that are rarely found in other parts of the world. These points make this country one of the most suitable places to study abroad.

4  Germany

Today Germany ranks in the top 10 countries opted by students around the world for higher studies. The educational degrees from German Universities are renowned all over the world. The place has the relatively low cost of living. Despite this, it offers the high standard of life.

New Zealand

Every year, thousands of students migrate to New Zealand to study. New Zealand is a place which has top Universities on a global level. For the education, it is ranked on the 16th number. This makes the country one of the preferred choices to migrate for education. The visa process is also friendly and fast.

6 Ireland

According to foreign education consultants in Delhi, Ireland tops many lists where visa procedures for the student are very quick. Ireland is a country which is made by people from different parts of the world. Many languages are spoken here. Universities here are specialized in cultural studies. People from different parts of the globe visit Ireland for cultural research. The best thing is that all the visa formality can be done online. There is no complication in visa obtaining process if one chooses Ireland to study abroad.

7 Spain

Most of the foreign education consultants in Delhi claim that Spain is one of the best choices for students to study abroad. The main reason for this is that the Spanish language is demanded in the world (of course after English). One can learn the language easily while studying here. Today, English is not the only language that gives the edge to a student over others. One can go a step further if he knows another foreign language. Living and studying in Spain definitely help a student in this space.