Best bars, clubs, and pubs in Whitefield

Whitefield, Bangalore is one of the major hubs for multi-national IT companies. Although do not be fooled by the presence of so much intellect. Whitefield is actually quite a happening place and you will be surprised to see all the excitement and buzz that this place offers. There are some of the best bars, clubs, and pubs in Whitefield that will make sure you live your nightlife to the fullest.

nightlife in Whitefield and Chennai

Here are some of the best bars, clubs, and pubs in Whitefield:

  1. Windmills Crafts

Windmills Crafts is the place to visit after a long day. They have hand-crafted beers and live music at the Jazz Studio that helps you relax and unwind. This is one of the best options to hang out with friends on any evening. While you are at it, do not forget their delicious snacks.

  1. The Biere Club

This lovely club has a setting of a typical setting of a European café. The club serves freshly brewed beers. Bring your friends along with you and grab their craft beer and pepperoni pizza. You will not realize how that clock keeps moving.

  1. The Beer Café

The Beer Café is India’s largest beer chain and serves over 50 different varieties of beer from 19 different countries. You will find several deals and offers on a regular basis.

Best Clubs and nightclubs in Chennai

What is one of the best things that we can do with friends on a weekend? Partying until the sun comes up bright! When it comes to nightclubs and partying, we always think of Delhi or Mumbai, but guess what? Chennai is here to give them a tough competition. Chennai has plenty of clubs and nightclubs that will make you party like an animal.

Here are some of the best clubs and nightclubs in Chennai:

  1. Pasha, The Park

Pasha is one of the most popular and happening nightclubs in Chennai. If you visit the club on a Wednesday night, get ready for a lot of desi and Bollywood tracks. On other nights, expect retro, hip-hop, or even trance music. This is quite a popular hangout destination on Saturdays.

  1. The Leather Bar, The Park

As the name suggests, this bar is entirely done in leather. The floor has a rich black leather that blends perfectly well with the walls that have been done in olive suede. You will not be able to stop your foot from tapping to the crazy charts of the DJ.

  1. Blend, Taj Club House

This jazzy bar or club has bold lights and colors. You will find unique cocktails and tapas. The food, along with the drinks will help make your evening jolly and entertaining.

Whether you are in Bangalore, or Chennai, missing out on the nightlife should not be an option. Both the places have some of the best bars, clubs, and pubs. Wait no more! If you are in either of the two places, be sure to check these places out with friends.