Buying a new property seems good and exciting but with this comes a lot of other formalities and responsibilities. As you are planning to invest a big amount, making a sound decision is important. And there come pre-purchase building inspections Sydney for a complete home inspection. This helps you to understand if that property and land are worth buying or not. Now let’s discuss it in bit detail so that you can get it in a better way.


What is a pre-purchase building inspection?

This can be of two types – personal and building inspection by experts. During personal inspections, you may usually focus on property size, shape, windows, carpet and wall defects etc. But professionals know their job in a better way and they will send you a detailed report of building inspection where you will get to know about structural defects to any minor issues which can later cause you more money for repair.


What does it include?

During this, experts access building from the interior, exterior, roof and underfloor spaces nicely and check site and design from garden sheds to water drainage, driveway, carports etc. This inspection may cause you some money, but in long run, it will save you from big damage and renovation problems that will not only cause money but time as well.


What is Pre-purchase pest inspection?

As the name depicts, in this you will get to know about how prone your property is to termites and other pests. Termites can eat anything and can cause great damage to your property later on too, so we can’t ignore it. After this report, you can estimate the actual cost that you will bear for the property after damage repair. You can also use it for the negotiation purpose.


What does pest inspection include?

Pest inspector assesses whole property and checks if there are any insects which can affect your home adversely. They will check interior, exterior, roof and under-floor and give you a clear picture about it. And accordingly, they will recommend the treatment.  Buying new property having termite infestation can become one of the worst dreams of your life. It will not only need damage repair but also need proper treatment for termite so that it does not occur again.


When and Why?

When you go for pre-purchase building inspection, simultaneously also opt for pest inspection. It should be done in advance so that you can make a clear decision about this purchase. Any defect in property can consume your money and time and can make your dream of buying a new house a nightmare.


In the end, we recommend you to hire a licensed home inspector who can help you to get a detailed report about both pre-purchase inspections. Make sure your inspector has good experience and certification for this work. It is good to trust people but when it comes to big money, always go for a systematic approach and hire your own inspector who has no connection with any of your seller parties. Best of luck for your purchase!