A “passion to treat the poor” lead one man to dedicate his life to providing quality medical aid at reasonable costs to low-income employees.What began with the work of clinics in sharjah exceedingly clinic has since developed into a nationwide goal to encourage employees to not ignore symptoms for concern of medical prices. We see patients WHO area unit like time bombs traveling unaware they need high force per unit area, high sugar levels and wish immediate medical care,” aforementioned Dr Sanjay Paithankar, 59. The Asian country doctor affected to the UAE in 1988 to figure in government hospitals and personal clinics in national capital, Sharjah and Dubai, handling viscus emergency cases.

He shortly became alert to the necessity for medical aid for those who lived in far-flung spaces removed from hospitals and opened his initial clinic in 1993 in Ajman in an exceedingly garment industrial area.News unfold a few facility providing take care of Dh10, together with medicines, and labourers from neighbor regions streamed certain treatment. I wished to succeed in those who couldn’t afford quality care and serve them at their doorsill,” aforementioned.When you save the lifetime of one employee, you furthermore may save the entire family keen about that person.”

Dr. checks on a patient at his clinic, Right Health New Sanaiya Clinic. Reem Mohammed/The NationalDr Sanjay Paithankar checks on a patient at his clinic, Right Health New Sanaiya Clinic. Reem Mohammed/The National
This truth was brought home once he helped rescue a Pakistani employee on a hot Gregorian calendar month afternoon in 2005. The proximity of his clinic to the man’s accommodation doctors in dubai Qusais space ensured endovenous fluids might be in real time administered. The men WHO carried [the patient] in thought he was dead as a result of he didn’t move.

A week once he recovered, the person came back and touched my feet. He aforementioned ‘you haven’t saved solely my life, you saved the lifetime of my family as a result of while not Maine they’ll not survive. doctors in abu dhabi currently runs fifty seven clinics, treating 850,000 patients annually, once his combination of low price Associate in Nursingd high patient intake John Drew the interest of an capitalist. The facilities area unit identified for his or her compassion towards employees. My friend couldn’t breathe and was rush here,” aforementioned rule , a craftsman. They treated him initial and he gave the cash successive day. WHO will that during this world?”

The those who are available don’t have cash for the primary consultation, forget a second visit. we’d like to grant them confidence that after they are available they’ll be treated.Dr directions to employees area unit clear: patients should be treated with respect and their medical complaints self-addressed promptly. He often checks on the clinics, asking employees why an equivalent patient has visited a clinic thrice while not the matter being resolved. Recently, at a busy find a doctor, Dr Paithankar checked patients himself and administered treatment for fever, respiratory disease and headache. I solely war employees WHO area unit fine regarding operating with poorer individuals. There should be a passion to treat the poor,” he said. The those who are available don’t have cash for the primary consultation, forget a second visit.

We ought to offer them confidence that after they are available they’ll be treated. The clinic’s fees have remained low, between Dh20 to Dh25, compared to over Dh100 charged by personal facilities. The reasonable fees attracts patients and Dr Paithankar hope to treat one million patients a year across fifty seven clinics by 2020. He refuses to require out a loan to start out a replacement business and styles all the inside work himself to avoid wasting prices. I don’t wish to be stressed regarding giving a refund to someone,.The clinics area unit ne’er fashionable, however it’s an area that employees ought to feel snug in.”

Although medical insurance is obligatory for all classes of employees within the UAE, some costly tests Associate in Nursingd medicines don’t seem to be coated looking on an employee’s insurance package.The concern of taking day off from work or cash on medication prevents employees from approaching doctors. They solely are available for treatment once their symptoms area unit severe and this is often the mind-set that clinics in dubai aims to vary. Timely check-ups will treat conditions like polygenic disorder and heart ailments before it reaches a vital stage. My slogan is to serve the those who area unit the have-nots, I merely wish to grant back with medical aid for those who cannot afford it. His financial aid extends to Asian country wherever he has given a therapy ward to a cancer hospital in his town of Nagpur. In July was granted a 10-year residency visa below the government’s new Golden Card theme. This solely reaffirmed his commitment to reasonable health care within the UAE. This provides Maine multiplied confidence as a result of i do know that I continue for for much longer here, I’m deeply endowed in my clinics and currently i do know for successive ten years and a lot of I will work here with none problems