The purpose of the commission is to license the financial firms, in the same way, the heads and direction of all regulated companies to compel all international monetary services to their activity. IFSC is regulated by the British Honduras Securities Ministry and the International Monetary Comdirectorsmission Commission Act. The Monetary Services Commission may be a regulatory agency for regulating, direction and investigation of all monetary services separately from banking establishments and world trade in Mauritius. The FSC operates under the internationally recognized legal framework and under the auspices of the Ministry of Government, which includes the FSC Act, Securities Act and therefore the Insurance Act. It governs the operation of business activities, monitors control and supervises. Within the Non-Banking Monetary Services Sector. The FSC Act, 2007 has been removed and in these areas, there is a law in the form of the Personal Pension Scheme Act 2012 for the Securities Act 2005, Insurance Act 2005 and hence the operation, regulation, supervision and supervision of business activities on this link.

The prudent approach by FSC is on the idea of any attempt to stop the company’s failure in Mauritius. However, there is still a place for improvement with modification, which can be distributed in various stages, such as licensing, compliance and regulation phase. Check loans at loansflow

Financial services commission in Mauritius

Financial service supplier


Financial services are financial services provided by the finance business, which include various types of companies that manage cash, as well as credit unions, banks, mastercard firms, insurance firms, business firms, consumer-finance firms, stock brokerage , Caster, personal manager, and some government sponsored ventures. Monetary service firms have shown trends in all the economically developed geographical locations given ibrokerage,n the gift, and country, national, regional and international monetary centers such as London, NY City, and Tokyo.

As a result of the Village-Leach-Billy Act of the late nineties, monetary services within the United States became very widespread, which enabled various types of firms to merge into America’s monetary services business.


Companies have generally 2 different perspectives for existing types of new businesses. An approach will be a bank that buys only one insurance company or an collective investments bank, keeps the firm’s non-profit primary brands, and adds to the acquisition of its company to diversify its earnings, but companies who offer gets the maximum financial profits . During this situation acceptable to the US outside the non-financial services company, each company still appears independently and has its own customer, etc. In various ways, a bank will only produce its brokerage division or insurance division and will arrange to sell those products to their own existing customers, in which a company will be encouraged to combine all things together.

Security of FSC

The FSC is that the regulation of non-bank financial markets in Mauritius, which includes securities exchange, clearing and disposal facilities, and securities commerce on one side, collective investment plans and arbitrator on the option.


Therefore, as a result of the regular of the securities markets, the FSC strives to:


Promoting the right, efficient, clear and familiar markets for securities in Mauritius. Monitoring the operation of the exchange of securities and regulating clearing and disposal services for the activities of individuals providing securities and commerce system. Press and close financial crimes and paradox practices.

Provision of securities through information and regulatory disclosure by the news issuers for the securities holders and the public.

Collaborate and collaborate and strengthen with domestic and international organizations, social control, interiors, and regulatory bodies.


Investors safety in Mauritius Person by improper, inappropriate and fraudulent practices.

FSC may be a member of the Securities Commission’s global organization. FSC was awarded the “Most Innovative Capital Markets Regulators of the Year Award” by the capitalist of the continent in the solar calendar month 2010 in the summit with the New York State Exchange. This award recognizes the measures taken by FSC to pursue the financial services incident in Mauritius and adopts a business-friendly approach to regulation.