When you have your vehicle damaged in some accident, the first thing that you would want is to have it repaired and restored as quickly as possible. They can install some duplicate spare parts in your car and they cannot even identify the exact problem of your car. So it is very important to locate the best car repair centre and for this, you need to check the experience, license, insurance papers and customer reviews of the car repair centre.


#6 tips to choose the best car repair centre

#1. Get recommendations: You can get some recommendations from your relatives and friends. It is also important to get referrals from your own insurance agency, as advised by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). You should also check online reviews of auto body shops and local auto mechanics. It is also a good idea to especially get suggestions from people having similar vehicle as yours.

#2. Look for certifications: Check whether the car service centre shops of your choice have industry certifications. They must certified by the ASA (Automotive Service Association) or I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) or ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence).  These certifications can ensure you the best services because after gathering certain experience level, the car repair centre can get these certifications.

#3. Ask about labor rates and pricing: Before giving your car keys to a car service centre, you should ask about labor rates and pricing. Auto shops generally post the rates quite visibly, which means you need to ask questions and be observant in case of any confusion. Ensure that you are clearly explained about how you are billed for car repair services. They must provide you a written estimate and they should include their labor cost along with the spare parts cost in this estimate. You can compare this price with other repairing shops and then choose an affordable one for your car.

#4. Specialization in training: You have to find out whether the technician is trained in the particular car model that you own. The modern trucks and cars are highly complex, and the innovative features widely vary from one brand to another. Check whether the technician has the right training for your car, and has special processes and tools that you need. A lot of garages only specialize in specific models. Especially, some of these servicing centres can also deal with the luxury cars and they cannot repair your economy cars. So if you have any luxury car then you must avail the service from an authorized car servicing centre.

#5. Enquire about component options: Car service centre shops are not necessarily needed by insurance laws to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components for car repairs. Recycled OEM components such as door panels or bumpers or after-market components from agencies apart from manufacturers can also be used by repair centres. Rules and laws about the use of non-OEM components tend to differ across states. In case after-market parts are offered by the service centre of your choice, you can refuse them. You should use the genuine car parts.

#6. Look at the repair warranties: In case you work with a car service centre that is not on the recommended list of your insurer, you should enquire about repair warranties. Have these in a written form. So if you find any issue in their serviced areas within the warranty period then you can claim a free service from them.  So now you can search some car service centre online and you can choose the best for your car.