Christians are the community of people who obey the rules and regulation of Christianity. Christianity is the religion rounding up around the life and works and teachings of Jesus Christ. The term ‘Christian’ has come from the Greek word ‘Christos’that is known to be a conversion of the Biblical Hebrew term Mashiach. Christianity has a diverse concept which sometimes creates conflicts among the believers but one main thing which is same as that Jesus Christ is the single implication.

The riseof the Christians:

The number of people following Christianity has increased viciously from 600 million to 2.2 billion in the last 100 years. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, the population of Christians is expected to hit the big number i.e. 3 billion within 2050. Currently, Christians consist 31.42 % of the total population which makes it the largest religious community in the world right now. Among this, almost 37% of Christians live in theU.S.A. Europe consists of the 26 % of the total populace of Christians. Christians are divided into two more broad groups’ viz. Catholic and Protestant. Christians comprise a bulk of the populace in almost 158 countries and territories of this planet.

Christians have made their contributions in many societal developments of mankind such as philanthropy, philosophy, ethics, fine arts, music, medicine, along with other science and technological fields. In the statistics of 100 years of Noble prize i.e. from 1901 to 200, it has been seen that almost 65.4% of Noble laureates recognized Christianity as their religious preferences for building the story structures. Christians from far east, namely Nestorian Christians are well known for their input into the Arab Islamic population at the times of Umayyad and the Abbasid via converting the Greek literature into Syrian languages. Christians also helped in various research and development regime of philosophy, science, theology etc.

Christians are also known by another term which was used in the New Testament as “Nazarenes”. This term was first used by the Jewish lawyer Tertullus in Acts 24. According to vicious historic evidence it is found that during 331 AD Eusebius reports that Christ was termed as a Nazorean which was corrupted form of the phrase Nazareth. That is why during the earlier stages of their uprising Christians were called as Nazarenes.



Christians are controlled and initiated all over the world by the Pope. Popes lived in Lateran palace of Rome in middle ages. He was always being enclosed by higher court officials, secretaries and many other higher authorities through whom pope used to carry out his religious works and other preceding. The Pope was then shifted to Vatican City, which is famous worldwide. The Pope still lives in the Vatican City. From Vatican City, Pope spreads out his message of Christianity to the whole world.

Christians are a magnificent bunch of people who have contributed a big time in the growth and development of mankind since the beginning. For afurther detailed explanation of things, people are advised to search on Google best Christian blogsand fill themselves with the knowledge of Christians.