The marketing environment is continuously evolving and it keeps on changing with every new upcoming technology.With the advent of Internet changed the face of marketing, and ushered in the digital marketing concept. The prime objective of the marketers in 1950s used to be to sell what the company produced; it changed to achieving customer satisfaction and long term relationship in 1980s and 90s. In the 21st century the objective of digital marketers is to stand out in a crowd of millions of other digital marketers all accessible to the customer just a click away.


The following article outlines the hottest trends that are expected to shape the digital marketing as well as traditional marketing environment in 2018.

Focus away from traditional Media

With the number of mobile and other hand held device users in the world reaches around 5 billion, the trend of is less focus on traditional TV and print media advertising and the focus is turning towards personalized and targeted marketing techniques. As the mobile device capabilities increase, the marketing companies will develop strategies especially for the mobile devices making use of geo location data, QR Codes and individual preferences.

Chatbots,Virtual Personal Assistants, and Voice Search

Virtual personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and other virtual Chatbots will continue to interact with customers even more naturally, providing them with the information they need or simply to amuse them. It is expected that more often than not search for information will be done through these virtual assistants using voice search. Marketers need to draw their attention towards creating content so as to reach maximum number of featured snippets.

User Reviews and Feedback

Google and other search engines use numerous factorsin ranking the sites. User reviews and feedback is one of the most important factors. Search engines like to give priority to pages that got better ratings and more positive comments from the users. One important focus of digital marketers will be to devise strategies and response system that maximizes positive reviews and reduces or lessen the impact of negative feedback. A courteous, prompt and informative response to an annoyed user could either result in the user changing the view or at least other users to make similar negative comment.

Privacy Issues and Artificial Intelligence

Since the promulgation of GDPR – the data protection law of EU – in 2016, other countries are working on legislation to protect the privacy of individuals. The situation was made even worse by the by recent scandal in the US presidential about Facebook data theft and Cambridge Analytica. Thus is going to become difficult of digital marketing service providers to track user behaviors using cookies. There is going to be a stronger need for predictive algorithms, contextual targeting strategies, artificial intelligence. It will be critical for advertisers to find better techniques to understanding the page content in the process of ad placement.

Video Content Marketing and Live Video

Due the enhanced quality and quantity of online free video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others, all major networks have seen their prime time ratings decline. Also, a hot new trend that all social media sites are jumping into is Streaming Video. This trend will be the most influential of all, since reading the content is time consuming and in today’s busy society very few people have time to read long articles. What will make the difference is how creative the video is, whether it is a LiveStream or a studio recorded professional video.


This article attempts include the most influential trends in digital marketing in 2018; however, it is important to stay up-to-date with the emerging technologies and trends if one wants to stand out in a crowd. If you are digital marketer, or a hoping to become one, the key is to stay alert, act fast and make adjustments on the go. There is no time to wait. The competition is moving fast, don’t let them get far ahead.