Marigolds are one of the popular garden plants, which the individuals prefer to grow in their gardens. Basically, Marigold is a warm weather flower, which blooms in spring, autumn, and fall. The size of Marigold flower varies from 6 inches to 4 feet in height. The width of this flower may grow up to 3 feet. These flowers require sandy, loamy, or clayey soil in order to grow effectively. Again, full sun exposure is also highly necessary for Marigold to blossom properly.


Things to consider while planting Marigold at home –

  • The good thing is Marigold can withstand very hot summers. You can also say that Marigold grows more effectively with sunshine. So, plan the plantation of Marigold accordingly.
  • Yes, it’s true that Marigold can grow in any soil. But it is recommended to dig the soil by 6 inches in order to ensure proper fertility in the soil. Again, remove the stones from soil, when you are planting Marigold.
  • It will be great if you add some granular fertilizer to the soil. But it’s optional, so it depends on you.
  • Sow the Marigold seeds, when the soil is warm, probably in the noon time. The seeds easily germinate as per the composition of soil and will sprout within few days. It will take around 8 weeks for the plant to start blooming.
  • It is recommended to sow the seeds by keeping necessary distance between the seeds. Well, the seeding placement actually depends on the type of Marigold plant. The American varieties are planted 10-12 inches apart while the signet and Space French varieties are planted 8-10 inches apart. So, kindly check the specifications and accordingly plant the seeds with appropriate distance.
  • After the plantation works are done, you need to water every plant thoroughly.
  • When the plants are 2 inches tall, start separating the seedlings. If you want to grow the plants in a container, then you need to transfer them to the containers at this time.

So, with the above instructions, it will be now easy for you to plant the Marigold plant in your garden. But, just by planting the seeds only, the works are not over. You need to take good care of the plant, afterward.

How to care a Marigold plant?

  • It is recommended to water the plants in high heat. Allow the soil to get dry in between the waterings and then water the plants thoroughly.
  • If the leaves are often wet, then there are high chances of fungal infection, so avoid the leaves all the time. Instead spread the water on the roots and stem.
  • Never fertilize Marigold at the time of growth, as it may affect the overall condition of the plant.
  • You can add a layer of mulch in between the plants so that soil will be moist all the time and thus the weeds can be suppressed.

So, start the plantation of Marigold today, and send flowers to Bangalore afterward.