When people move to USA, they bring their pets with them. Pet relocation to USA only seems reasonable, after all pets are often integral parts of a family’s or a person’s life, how can they just be left behind. Some people, however, keep pets such as dogs for security reasons. Regardless of why you have pets, it would be sad to leave them. Pet shipping to USA can be a bit of a hassle, as the CDC regulates such activities and only allow certain types of pets (such as dogs, cats and other domesticated animals). Bringing something too exotic might not be allowed, but then again keeping such an animal as a pet isn’t the best idea either.


If one plans to bring along pets with them as they resettle to a city in the USA from a foreign land, then it is best to do as much research regarding the subject as possible. So in the interest of all pet people out there, Universal Relocations brings some insight on how to go about pet shipping to USA.

  1. Vaccinations

It is crucial to have your pet vaccinated and treated for any illnesses may afflict them, not just when travelling or relocating but also on a regular basis. The health and wellbeing of all living things is important. Pet Relocation to USA requires that when a pet enters the United States, it has to have had a vaccination in the past 30 days (prior to importing). This rule is imposed strictly, unless the pet is being received from a country that the United States believes is free of rabies and hence safe. The pet must have lived for at least 6 months or since birth in the country it is being imported from, to have the relevant applicable rules apply to it.

Some animals, such as cats, may not require rabies vaccination, but it is still highly recommended that they be vaccinated prior to shipping.

For dogs entering from certain countries, it is imperative that they be treated for screwworms from between 1 to 5 days prior to arrival in the United States.

  1. Health Certificate

A health certificate shows that your pet is healthy and whether or not it suffers from any diseases. This certificate is very important when pet shipping to USA. This certificate must be completed by the vet treating the animal and it must be completed within 10 days of travel to the USA.

Any tests, relevant or needed for the health certificate should be completed, must be conducted and completed on time. For more information regarding this, reach out to your vet or to relocation service providers, such as Universal Relocations.

  1. Potential Bans

Some species of animals are banned or have restricted entry in the United States and this may change from city to city, depending upon where you want to relocate to. When planning pet relocation to USA, it is important to check whether the specific city you wish to live in allows pets from foreign lands.

Birds of any kind may only enter the United States from 3 specified cities: Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; and New York. Upon entering the country, they must be placed for 30 days in quarantine. Relocation service providers such as Universal Relocations can help with understanding regulations.


  1. Microchips

This last one is not really a requirement of the law in the United States, but it is still better to have one on your pet. This will help you keep track of the animal, sometimes new places appeal to the intrigue and curiosity of animals and they wander about. That is when such a chip may come in handy you know what else might come in handy?dog strollers for small dogs since they get tired before big dogs small dogs owners tend to walk them a shorter distance.But with the stroller you can still go for that longer walks you went on when you had a bigger dog.