There is some really good news pouring in, just like pregnancy infections medicine the issue of heartburn can be dealt with during the tenure of pregnancy. To a large extent you can cope them up with heartburn meds during pregnancy, and at the same time, some steps can be exercised at your own end as well. Just take into consideration that all of them are preventive strategies that might prove to be a lot soothing in the days to come as well.

Heartburn during the tenure of pregnancy

This is a common occurrence and you are going to taste your food three hours after you have gone on to eat it. A burning sensation exists in your mouth coupled with an acidic taste in your mouth. This does point to the symptom of heartburn and this does occur all the more in the first trimester of pregnancy. The reason being that the stomach enlarges and it goes on to displace the uterus and pushes its way up. To combat the issue of heartburn you can resort to the following mechanism

Observe your food

Make it a point that you do stay away from fatty and spicy foods.  It does push the food upwards and encourages the production of the stomach acid. The chances of carbonated drinks could also cause a trigger as well. This might really go on to surprise you as chocolate is another trigger of heartburn. Apart from all of them you can eat anything and grow.

Dodge gravity

The moment you are pregnant you would need to keep your legs and shoulders popped out.  Your upper body has to be above the feet. It would prevent the influx of acid and you are able to breathe better.

Reduce the intake to small and frequent meals

The moment you go on to opt for 3 larger meals; it can pose the challenge of heartburn to anyone. Do take things slowly and divide the meal into small parts. If you consume small meals during the day not only it combats the issue of heartburn but deals with morning sickness as well.  Perhaps the most important point to consider is that you should not eat anything 3 hours before you go bed.

After dinner do not lie down immediately

Once you are pregnant even after a small meal you might feel tired and lie down. But do not adopt such a stance at all. An ideal time frame would be around 60 minutes after you have gone on to have dinner. In case if you really need to lie down do it on the left side. The body is designed in such a way that when we sleep on the left side, the stomach acid is going to pass down slowly down the intestines and reduces the influx of acid. It does go on to increase the nutrients and the blood that reaches out to be baby along with the placenta.