Exhibiting an interesting and special blend of medieval Europe and India following quite a while of serious exercises by Portuguese, Dutch, and Britain, Kochi has legitimately earned the appellation ‘Ruler of the Arabian Sea’. From a valuable 400 years of age synagogue and antiquated mosques to occupied ports and sprawling shorelines, Kochi has everything.

Best Time to Visit


The months amongst October and March are the best time to visit the seaside city. The climate amid these months is lovely. The rainstorm months amongst July and September are perfect for those looking for a tranquil occasion in the rich green cover of nature.

  • Climate
  • The normal summer temperature is 24°C-37°C; while the normal winter temperature go from 17°C-33°C
  • Spots to Visit
  • The nation’s biggest port city is home to numerous palm-bordered coastlines, old and chronicled landmarks, religious destinations and historical centers.
  • Shorelines
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Being a seaside city, Kochi swarms with sprawling shores and shorelines. The Cherai Beach is a standout amongst the most mainstream and clean shorelines of Kochi with a coastline extending up to 15 km. Its unmistakable waters are perfect for swimming and surfing. Numerous dolphin sightings are regularly announced in the region making it genuinely interesting. The Fort Kochi Beach is perfect for those looking for some quality ‘personal time’ far from the crowded boulevards and shorelines.

Religious Sites


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(I) Built in 1568, the Pardesi Synagogue is a prime fascination in Kochi. Including a fancy gold platform, hand-painted Cantonese floor tiles and shining Belgian ceiling fixtures and laps, the synagogue is a scene to observe. A clock tower was likewise consolidated into the complex in the year 1760 adding further appeal to it.

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(ii) The St. Francis Church is noteworthy for being the main European place of love in India. The congregation insides incorporate wonderfully engraved Dutch and Portuguese gravestones

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(iii) The Santa Cruz Basilica is another verifiably religious site. Set in open grounds, its insides are brilliantly painted with scenes and adornments.

Historical centers

Kochi has a wealth of historical centers making it each workmanship and history sweetheart’s definitive heaven.

(I) The Kerala Folklore Museum has a one of a kind three-layered structure showing diverse building styles on every one of the three levels houses more than 4000 relics.


(ii) The Hill Palace Museum in Tripunithura houses the valuable accumulations of the illustrious families alongside nineteenth century oil artistic creations, models, artworks, and gems.


(iii) The Indo-Portuguese Museum remains in the garden of Bishop’s House safeguarding the legacy of one of the most punctual Catholic people group in India. The historical center resources incorporate silver processional crosses and sacrificial table pieces.


(iv) The paintings and data boards at the Maritime Museum in Kochi follow the whole history of the Indian naval force and the sea exchange going back to the Portuguese and Dutch.


(v) Built in 1555, the Mattancherry Palace houses uncommon Hindu paintings portraying the scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata in exceptionally unpredictable points of interest.


Feast at:

  • Sri Krishna Café at Mattancherry.
  • Kashi Art Café at Fort Kochi.
  • Kayees Biryani at Mattancherry
  • Malabar Junction at Fort Kochi
  • Chai Nation at Kakkanad
  • Combination Bay at Fort Kochi

Where To Shop

Shopping in Kochi is likened to investigating the city. To experience Kochi’s way of life, a visit to its indigenous markets is an unquestionable requirement.

Broadway Market: Several discount and retail shops line the market road. From shoes and sacks to conventional adornments and painstaking work; from nuts and flavors to oil and utensils, this market offers a variety of items. The building’s slanting rooftops are reminiscent of its old-world appeal.

Flavor Market: Kochi has held its status as an essential focal point of zest exchange. The solid scent of the finest flavors ginger, cloves, cardamom, turmeric, and pepper radiates from the zest stockrooms and mixes with the air.

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Jew Town Market: If you are a history sweetheart and a collectibles hoarder, Jew Town is without a doubt the place for you. The market is specked by shops and stockrooms lodging only fine collectibles inside. You will likewise discover old fashioned adornments and different trinkets in these shops.

Regardless of years of European colonization, Kochi’s energetic culture still mirrors its indigenous and conventional excellence, ideal for its celebrations and occasions to regular daily existence.

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