Kerala, the state at the southern tip of Republic of India, fitly named God’s own country conjures the image of lush scenic beauty, pageantry, folks traditions and exquisite mural art.In today’s world, we tend to are all guilty of taking the art of photography too gently. we tend to can not be blasted, when we tend to are all well equipped to require as several as two billion photos day after day to indicate to the globe.


When the globe was introduced to photography a discussion emerged: will we tend to decision photography AN art? positively distinct from ancient arts, photography captures fugitive moments by combining technical and inventive skills. however there’s a lot of to photography than we tend to see.

Yees, Kerala is known for the made and spirited temple paintings normally called murals.  the standard genre that dates back to seventh and eighth century AD is characterised by vibrant imagination, daring strokes, and vivid colors.

The murals with deep religious roots depict themes of Hindu mythology, epics, the classic frolics of Krishna yet because the mystic styles of Siva and Shakti. They additionally recount some legendary heroes of the bygone era. The expressions and illustrations on these large-scale wall paintings square measure delineate with inventive brilliance and technical excellence.

  1. Panchavarna combination

The traditional Kerala paintings is rendered mistreatment simply 5 colors or Panchavarna (yellow, red, green, black and white) that square measure procured from natural sources. In fact, it’s this strict adherence to the restricted earthy palette that bestows the murals a particular look and charm.

An interesting reality concerning Kerala murals is that the characters delineate square measure given colours supported their virtues, like red is for power and wealth, white for mean creatures, inexperienced for divinity and black for demons.

The ancient procedure of making the murals was a tedious and long. The wall surface was fastidiously ready for many weeks with a combination of rock powder and tender milk before the creator might take up his brush and palette.

  1. Exacting method

The art is often outlined in six stages specifically Lekhya destiny, Rekha destiny, group destiny, Vartana destiny, Lekha destiny and Dvika destiny. The image is initial sketched and so increased with outlines to administer it dimension. Next, the voluminous figures of the murals square measure colored and shaded to feature depth and definition. The richly painted pictures square measure thenceforth accentuated with black border. the ultimate stage involves coating the painting with pine rosin for defense and a shiny look.

    1. Innovations

Modern times have brought several changes within the classical art. the massive Mural art once found solely on the walls of temples and palaces, currently adorn public places, edifice lobbies, corporates and even homes of the elite. the present crop of artists has innovated and simplified the technique significantly. lately Kerala murals square measure being dead on ply board, cloth, paper, amphibole and canvas that need very little to no maintenance.