Tour PackagesOne of the excellent slope stations in Kerala, Idukki is the best place for a better tour package and it is loaded with vacation destinations including valleys, natural life asylums, zest manors, trekking trails, and so on it, for the most part, comprises of high ranges and valleys confounded by three waterways: Periyar, Thalayar, and Thodupuzhayar. Likewise, the stream Pamba has begun here. As indicated by legends, Idukki was a chronicled put in the Chera Dynasty in the former periods. In 1877, John Danial Monroe, a British grower, had rented the place for planting and agribusiness. Today, Idukki is a famous visitor goal in Kerala. Here is a short rundown of the spots to visit in Idukki which our Kerala occasion bundles can incorporate in view of your inclinations.

Idukki Dam

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Idukki Dam on the Periyar River is one of the spots to visit in Idukki area. The 550 feet high and 650 feet wide dam has peaceful and green encompassing where you can breathe in much-needed refreshers. The place bears a reference to the legendary story of Ramayana. At the point when Sita was showering there, Lord Rama discovered two locals gazing at her and reviled them. The locals were changed over into stones on two sides of the dam. Drifting office is accessible there. Our Kerala travel bundles can adaptable be tweaked to incorporate Idukki Dam on your request.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls

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The normal excellence of Kerala is best appreciated at waterfalls. Thommankuthu Waterfalls is one of the delightful things to see in Idukki District. It is a seven stage falling waterfall tumbling from a tallness of 300 feet. The most delightful thing is that there is a pool at each level. Encompassed by pleasant slopes, Thommankuthu Waterfalls is an epitome of nature. There are trekking trails around the waterfall.


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Painavu is a prominent traveler slope station in Idukki locale of Kerala. At a 53km drive from Munnar, Painavu is a late spring retreat with a slope resort and a natural life haven at a height of 3900 feet over the ground. This visitor put in Idukki is effortlessly available from Kochi and Munnar.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

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Idukki has an absolute necessity visit haven for untamed life darlings and picture takers. Near Idukki Arch Dam, the haven is arranged at a statue of 450-748 meters between the Periyar River and the Cheruthoni River. The Idukki Reservoir is situated inside the haven. Set up in 1976, the Idukki Sanctuary is finished by mountains and slopes. In the event that you visit this place, we will modify a Kerala visit bundle for you.



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