Kumarakom, arranged 13 Kms from Kottayam is a drowsy little town on VembanadLake in Kerala. It offers wide assortment of vegetation, fascinating touring, sculling and angling background. The fledgling asylum spread crosswise over 14 sections of land is new and safe home for some, transient fowls like Siberian stork, wild duck and so on. They live with different flying creatures in groups, for example, darters, herons, waterfowls; cuckoos are intriguing sight for the guests. The excellent heaven loaded with mangrove woods, emerald green paddy fields and coconut trees contains with conduits and channels enhanced with white lilies charms the vacationer from world over. The land is popular for it’s carefully hand make each lovely piece still generally. VemanadLake is home to a few kinds of marine life solely the Chemeen (Prawns), the Konju (Tiger Prawns) and Karimeem.



Elaveezhapoonchira , a slope station which is 60 kms from Kottayam is picking up visitor significance. Elaveezhapoonchira implies valley where leaves dont fall and is names so on the grounds that the place has no trees. This is additionally extraordinary compared to other places in Kerala to witness both the sun rise and dusk.

Bolted between three lovely hillocks Mankunnu, Kudayathoormala and Thonippara, Poonchira is a position of beautiful appeal. Legends say that the pool here was a showering place for Panchali the champion of Mahabharata. The excellent valleys of Poonchira spread crosswise over a great many sections of land and the verdant scene punctuated by the massive slopes, is a novel component of this land. Amid rainstorm season, the water that gets aggregated over a wide territory resembles a tranquil lake, mirroring the rain mists and the grand mountains. The flawless magnificence of nature is safeguarded relatively in place in this little district.


Vaikom is arranged west of Kottayam region. The place has authentic importace because of ‘Vaikom Satyagraham’ which was a development in Travancore against untouchability a training in which shunning a minority endogamous gathering from the standard by social custom or lawful mean in which Mahatma Gandhi and Periyar Ramasami partook .Mahadeva sanctuary, otherwise called Thekkan Kashi (Southern Varanasi),is arranged here and is celebrated for Ashtami (vailattashtami).

Poonjar Palace

The Poonjar Palace is a heavenly declaration to the glorious lavishness of a former period. Inside the royal residence dividers is an exceptional regal accumulation of collectibles and wonderful furniture including a palanquin, a thoni – cut out of a solitary bit of wood – for Ayurvedic rubs, tremendous crystal fixtures, palm leaf inscriptions, gem boxes, assortments of lights, models of Nataraja (the moving Siva), grain measures, statues and weapons.A one of a kind conch saved here is taken out once per year for formal purposes.


Arranged 64 Km far from Kottayam is a trekkers heaven. Wagamon likewise has qualification as the most proficient locale of India.A traveler spot encompassed by the greenery of tea gardens, Hills delightfully secured with green grasses, velvet yards and the cool mountain air make Wagamon an impeccable occasion withdraw. Wagamon involves stunningly wonderful arrangement of delicate slopes, valleys, waterfalls and green inclines and genuinely a picturesque spot for tourists.The chain of three slopes – Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala – makes Wagamon a place worth going to.


Erumeli is a residential community settled in the evergreen arranged 60 km from Kottayam. town. Erumeli is the passage to the Sabarimala sanctuary, Kerala’s noticeable Hindu traveler focus situated in Pathanamthitta district.Erumeli is a broadly known place for its Vavar mosque. Vavar was the companion and partner of Lord Ayyappa, the god in Sabarimala sanctuary. The explorers going along these lines to Sabarimala used to end here and offer offering to Vavar by method for breaking coconuts on a stone by tossing mightily on it. The stone is in the regions of the mosque.

Iillikal kallu

In the event that you are an enterprise darling and love exciting travel understanding, at that point Illikal Kallu in Kottayam is a standout amongst other goals that you can investigate. Said to be the most astounding top in the Western Ghats, this pinnacle is set 3,400 ft over the ocean level. You should trek a 3 kilometers separation to achieve this wonderful goal.

Steep and winding street will take you to Illikal Kallu. Take it as a test and be prepared to appreciate the most delightful piece of Kerala. Illikal can be come to from Kottayam by means of Pala-Erattupeta-Thekkoya-Adukkom course. Prior, it was not simple to achieve Illikal, but rather now, with the assistance of tourism office, it is anything but difficult to reach there even with a private vehicle.

Illikal Kallu consisst of three slopes, every one of which have impossible to miss shapes. Of which, one of the slope is known as ‘Kuda Kallu’, which has the state of a mushroom. This slope is well known for the nearness of Neela Koduveli, the restorative herb. Neela Koduveli is a blue shading blossom, which is accepted to have heavenly powers. The second slope is known as ‘Koonu Kallu’, with little hunch on sides. Another intriguing thing you will discover here is the nearness of an extension, which is known as Narakapalam or Bridge to hellfire.

To achieve the highest point of the slope, you should experience the extension, narakapalam. Yet, it is more bold and testing as the tight and tricky way may turn perilous. You may feel the mists are nearer to you and give an endeavor to touch it with your fingers. The little streams from the slope top, the cool atmosphere, the breeze… wow it will be an alternate affair. The sentimental perspective of Arabian Sea and nightfall from this peak is past the expression of clarification…

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