Asia is the biggest continent on the planet. Its economy has blasted off the roof in recent decades so does the requirement of trustworthy online betting sites for bettors. Online bookmakers have also sensed the tone,and various international brands have opened their franchise in this region. Reputed betting sites like Sbobet are operating in South East Asia by getting licensed in the Philippines,and more are coming, due to which South East Asia is immerging as a significant focus for betting marketers.


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Tips to check authority of the betting site

As there is a rapid growth in Asian sports betting market, the cheats are also growing in this system too. So it is necessary for a bettor put his or her money on a site after considering certain sides of the aspect such as –

  1. Sites servicing Asian sports betting market are authorized primarily by various organizations. The Philippines is mainly known as the base for certification and controlling these varioussites. If a site is unable to produce a license on demand then paying no attention to that site is advisable.
  2. Researching the history of the site can save from treachery also. Sometimes licensed sitesdo not follow the legal rules as they are thought to abide. These kinds of sitesdo not exist for a long So if a licensed site is present for years, then it can be trusted.
  3. Reputed brands can be trusted with both eyes closed. Due to the simple fact, that reputation is earned by years of hard work and good Moreover, in a market of bettors reputation of a site reflects its fidelity.
  4. Customer service is also a deciding factor. Trickster sites try to avoid contact as much possible by providing information to its clients so that they can be easily tricked into betting unnecessary On the other hand, reliable sites offer any information asked by the clients about anything like deposit or withdrawal or odds,etc.

Process of depositing and withdrawing money for the bet

Depositing: – As the betting is placed online,so it is clear that the transfer will also take place through online methods. Depositing money through credit card is an admired method. Recognized international brands allow direct payment via credit card like Visa and MasterCard. Although accepting money transfer through credit cards depend on some factors, like the geological site of the user or country where the cardwas issued,etc. Transaction directly from a bank account is also accepted in some cases. E-wallet viz. Moneybookers and AsiaPay88 are also widely accepted.

Withdrawing:- Withdrawal method usually depends on the online betting site chosen for betting. Options used for crediting the money can also be used for debiting the same.

Genre of betting

Betting is mainly done on sports, horse racing or online games. Each bettor has his or her own favorite sports to bet on. So online betting sites have come up with various ranges of sports on which bets can be placed. These games include local as well as international categories. Football is the most popular game in the world. International soccer has millions and millions of fan worldwide,sosome bettors in this field are obviously high. This is why almost every betting site available in the Asian region provides tremendous betting opportunities on soccer. Betting on regional soccer leagues is also available. Japanese and Korean people are obsessed with baseball whereas in India cricket is the god of all sports. Not only baseball in Japan racing is also one of the major shareholders of the annual turnover of the betting market. According to a study conducted by ‘statistica’ Japan Racing Association has almost 54.1 % share on racing bets. Sports like golf, tennis,and badminton,etc also have a huge influence on Asian sports betting market. Other heavily liked sports betting genre are NFL football, Major League Baseball, NBA basketball and NHL hockey,etc. Acknowledged betting brands also promote online games like Casino games viz poker through declaring large offers on every bet.

Methods of betting

Betting options are as numerous as the number of sports available for placing bets on. Preferences like three-way betting, handicap betting and total goal betting,etc are accessible in almost all major sports. Moreover, with the advancement of modern technology and communication nowadays live betting is possible during matches. Bettors can check the real-time stats of the game first and then make a bet.


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Asian sports betting market is growing at a remarkable rate. Reputed traders like SBOBET, bet365, BETONLINE, PINNACLE,etc have invested a lot in this industry and attracting new as well as old bettors towards more betting by announcing exciting offers, boosts on first betting or winnings, cashback offers,etc. With the huge population showing upward interest in betting on various sports by each passing day Asian sports betting market is bound to become the king of every betting market in near future with no problem at all.