cost for moving to Dubai

Dubai is the capital and the largest city of United Arab Emirates. It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Tourism, aviation, real estate and oil revenue are the main sources of income in Dubai. The seventh Emirate is also famous for its night-life, beautiful beaches, and exotic tourist destinations. Moving into Dubai can be a good option if you want a westernized lifestyle at affordable prices. The first and foremost thing that is to be considered while moving in is your purpose of doing so: whether it is for education, seeking a job or permanent settlement. Based on your purpose, you can easily opt for cheap removal companies.

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Things to be kept in mind while moving to Dubai:

  • Climate:

    The climate of Dubai is of the hot desert type with the temperature soaring up to 41 degree Celsius and overnight lowers to around 30 degree Celsius during the hottest month, August. Therefore, air conditioning is strictly recommended, especially if you’re moving in to the higher floors of a multi-storeyed apartment.

  • Culture:

    Being a Muslim country, Dubai is filled with mosques. The national dress consists of the khandoura and white dishdasha for men, Abhaya and hijab for the women. The official language is Arabic, but Urdu and English are widely spoken.

  • Documents:

    The documents that you shall certainly require are a photocopy of your passport, your residence visa, your Emirates ID and your salary card. Generally, if there’s a married couple, one has a residence visa and the other has a spousal visa. The one having a spousal visa can work, but a letter of no objection from the resident is mandatory for doing so.

  • Currency:

    The currency is Dirham which is available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. Coins are denominated in Fils. (100 Fils=1 Dirham)

  • Renting a place:

    The residential visa is compulsory for renting a place in Dubai. Rent is to be paid in 1-4 cheques along with the deposit money. You should only deal with agents who are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Check the landlord’s deed and passport before making any payment. Also, be careful to write the cheques only in the name of the landlord.

  • Shifting your possessions:

    There is not yet a standard system in the UAE which makes the moving process quite complicated. There are Customs and Excise regulations which are applied to import your belongings. You can bring down the cost for moving to Dubai by preparing a checklist that consists of all the items that shall need transportation and leaving behind all the unimportant things.

  • Bringing pets:

    Cats and dogs to be brought in Dubai have to be registered and micro-chipped. They have to be vaccinated and should have up-to-date inoculation certificates.

  • Importing a motor:

    You can import motor cars and vehicles but they will be subjected to the duty. You will need to have a UAE residence visa, residence permit, proof of ownership, insurance policy, the copy of passport, certificate of origin, a copy of purchase invoice and the title of the need to do so.

  • Schooling in Dubai:

    Expensive private schooling is the only option available to you in Dubai. Some schools follow the curriculum of USA or Britain, some offer GCSEs while others stress on International Baccalaureate.

  • Owning a credit card:

    After you’ve opened a bank account, you can simply apply for a credit card. But some banks do not issue a credit card unless you have been in your job for six months because six months is the probation period with most jobs.

  • Applying for a telephone:

    There are two service providers in Dubai, namely, Etisalat and Du. All sim card holders must mandatorily register their cards and show their identification documents. You can visit any Etisalat or Du outlet at a shopping mall with your passport and Emirates ID card to get the registration done.

  • Alcohol:

    You need to have a valid license to buy and consume alcohol in Dubai. The usual documents along with the photos and your tenancy agreement are the major requisites. But public drunkenness is unacceptable in Dubai.

Dubai is breathtakingly beautiful and attracts tourists all the year round. The city stands as a testimonial to the convergence of the traditional and modern architecture. The famous Burj Khalifa, Burj-al-Arab, Emirates Towers and the Pentominium are luxurious and worth paying visits to. The cost for moving to Dubai can be well determined by the cost of the Packers and Movers coupled with the miscellaneous costs.