Linksys Range extenders are very useful gadgets to boost your Wi-Fi signals throughout your premises.
As the name itself indicates, these gadgets extend the range of your network signals so that you get the
best signal strength even in the dead spots. The dead spots are the areas in your premises where you
get the zero signal strength. Using the Extender offers great help to eliminate these spots. But you do
need to execute the Linksys extender setup process before the device is ready to use.

Not only has this, even after a successful setup, but your device might show some glitches like
apparently stopped working. In such cases, resetting your Extender might able to resolve these issues.
So in this post, we will first guide you how to set up your extender and thereafter – how to reset your
extender to default settings to avoid glitches.

The Process to set up your Extender

Prior to the start the setup process, ensure that you have the correct Wi-Fi name, precise security
settings – firewall and other stuff, password and the broadcast medium for your router. You can manage
all these stuff from your router settings or via a device such as a computer or a phone that is connected
to your router. If you’re confused with “How”, then go through the instruction manual of your router or
contact ISP (your Internet Service Provider).

So once you are done with the above-stated prerequisites grab your extender and plug it to a power
source. Don’t hurry; let the device properly turned on. Your extender is properly turned on when all the
lights become stable. This is the time to connect your router and the computer using an Ethernet cable.

Also, some but not all, extenders will allow you to pair up with the extender specific Wi-Fi network for
the configuration part. This is a great help when you don’t have an Ethernet cable handy.

Now open any web browser to access the Linksys extender router login page. Further, you will be
prompted to use your router login credentials- the username and the password. Thereafter, follow the
onscreen instructions to set up your new extender and save the settings. Once all done, you should be
able to pair your extender with your Wi-Fi router to boost your network. However, if you face any issue,
resetting the device works like a charm!

Resetting the Extender

If you wish to reset your Extender either due to faulty Linksys extender installation or due to some
other reasons, there are two ways of doing so. But before you attempt to reset your device, try
rebooting it. Simply unplug the extender from the power source and plug it back in after a few seconds.
But rebooting doesn’t help; the first way is to physically reset your extender.
For doing this, simply press and stay hold the reset button for a minimum of 10 seconds. Then reboot
your extender as per the instructions provided above. But remember, this time you will have to set up
your configuration settings again.

Alternate option to reset your router is using the wireless connection, assuming that you can connect to
your Wi-Fi without any interruptions. Using your any web browser goes to the but
make sure the device must be connected to the network via the extender. Navigate to the menu and tap
on factory defaults under the “administration”. Finally, click on “Restore to factory default” and wait for
a few seconds. Don’t forget to reboot your extender after the successful reset, prior to setup.