Helpless Rakhi Sawant is seen standing with her hands being tied tight to the ceiling, followed by a man who whips back her.

Yes, you read it right. Recently in an incident, Rakhi Sawant was stripped, and badly beaten by a man in front of all the crew members present there. In one of the videos that are shared online, the actress is seen whipped badly with a leather belt on her back.

But before like others jumping to a conclusion, let us tell you that this is one of the scenes from Rakhi Sawant upcoming project where she goes topless without saying a word. In the entire video shared here on the blog, you can see helpless Rakhi standing with her hands being tied to the ceiling, while a man continues to whip her. Does this entirely look to be intense?

But what makes the entire thing funny here is that instead of crying and looking out for some help, the actress moans sensually and continues to ask for more whips as the cameraman continues to capture every move. Have a look at the entire video and do let us know what you think about it.

Rakhi is currently sharing the video on Instagram ever since she returned to the photo-sharing site, with her new account after claiming that her old account had been hacked by one of her haters. Rakhi who never felt shy of bringing things out had also revealed her favorite condom flavors in an inimitable way.

In one of the videos on Instagram, you can see that Rakhi in a sensuous way says that she loves Oudh paan and chocolate flavored kind of condoms holding the three packets in her hand.

Earlier this year in the Month of March 2017, she had made into headlines for a leaked MMS video, in which she was seen changing her clothes in the cottage. However, the actress was quite confused and did not know if it was she or her duplicate in the video. She also later hinted that it was actually a semi-nude girl and was actually her in the video.

Like always this controversial queen has never ever failed to entertain her audiences. She has always done something or the other in order to be in the news. Especially when it comes to her weird and funny kind of antics. Don’t you think so she has always been successful in doing things to grab the attention of the viewers? What do you have to say about it? Do let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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