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Valentine’s Day is the eat up of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day has a little history which is related with St. Valentine who married in puzzle and because of it, he had yielded his life to the Roman head Claudius. People still review St. Valentine on Valentine’s Day to offer regard to him. It is said that the Roman Emperor, Claudius, didn’t required any social associations to happen in the midst of wartime. In any case, Bishop Valentine clashed with of him and performed wedding capacities which drove him on death on fourteenth February and in respect of him, sweethearts commend fourteenth February reliably in his memory. The another conviction of Valentine’s Day is that upon the entry of fourteenth February, when he was executed, he had a visitor and gave him a note to guarantee her that said “From Your Valentine” which is all in all beginning stage of conviction. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it has is commended every year by the overall public staying in finished the globe. Valentine’s Day is a great and overall festival which is adulated by the all inclusive community, especially, young people. There is one more factor of Valentine’s Day merriment in late time. On this day, people find way to deal with express their love for their valentine. The ordinary factor of Valentine’s Day to express love for their mate is to give chocolates, cakes, blooms and fragile toys et cetera to their valentine. This festival of friendship and slant, that is, Valentine’s Day, is said to have prepared in skeptic conditions in Rome when people recognized wealth festivity in mid February. The most fundamental oversee of Valentine’s Day is the exchanging of fondness notes which is called “Valentines” through sweethearts. We focus on  Send Cake to Kerala , Best Cakes to Kerala