Staff rating method is how employees match in accordance with their individual merits and behavior (activity) with the aim to receive information required. In practice, it is formalized accomplished procedure based on a set of determined rules, which allow to get important news about how workers do their job for a company. There are 12 the most popular methods of staff rating. Royal Editing: Online Essay Editing Service – Best Paper Editor! welcomes on its pages just in case you need to know more on this or any other topic.

  1. Document analysis (looking through a resume of a potential worker, letter certificatory and documents about education).

It is the simplest and the most natural method of staff rating, which is taught a recruiter beginner. The accuracy of submitted data given in a resume is valuated during the interview (education, qualification, work experience, duties, functions and achievements). In accordance with the results of the interview, his agreement in written form is taken for the given information to be checked. Qualitative analysis gives a high reliability of a person effectivity prognosis at his future place of work.

  1. Reference checking.

This, in point of fact, is a continuance of a resume estimation for accuracy. A recruiter and a secretary through making a phone call to the previous work place of the candidate in order to check factual information may do it (position, length of employment, duties, functions, achievements).

  1. Resume interview.

Structured conversation during which in accordance with the evaluation of the staff gathers detailed information about a human`s life from the very beginning. The descriptions of the main life events are important in this section and relations of a candidate with significant people reflecting the nature of the candidate. Also, it is important to define key crucial events, in which the main motives and interests of a person are seen. The description of the main success and failure points may give an impression about what a person strives for, what his main resources are and what his abilities are limited in. all of the above will make it to where the future achievements and desires of the candidate may be predicted. A psychologist who knows the given method should resume interview.

  1. Personality questionnaires.

They make it to where a big number of candidates can be given an estimation and receive results of the estimation in quantity and descriptive form of both personal features and competency of potential candidates, which is especially important for large companies. Results in quantity allow to compare or eliminate the candidates accordingly to certain qualities. Specially instructed administrator can estimate with help of personality questionnaires and a specialist only who knows how to work in accordance with a personality questionnaire can work upon the results and give recommendations. Lack of the given method is about the information on a person`s nature, standard behavioral variants for him has no direct ratio to expected results of activity.

  1. Ability tests.

How effective a person is can be seen through his or her activity (analysis of number, verbal, technical information, reaction speed and attention to details). Advantages of the given method is how fast it is (starting from 10 minutes), ability to estimate a big amount of candidates and receiving of qualitative results. The reliability of the prognosis depends on accuracy of determination of the key candidates abilities who is up for the open position and the choice of tests to estimate them. Specially taught specialists should rate staff with the help of ability tests.

  1. Professional tests.

They are developed for a specified position and key knowledge and skills are tested. Разрабатываются под конкретную должность и тестируют ключевые для нее знания и навыки. Immediate superior for his department can create them only, also external accountants of the universities, consulting companies, profile specialists of other organizations.

  1. Interview in accordance with competence.

It is a structured conversation aimed to receiving a detailed description of true work situations, which every person faces with in his/her professional activity. Benefit of the given method lies in the following. The questions of the interview are easily adapted for required set of competencies for rate. In order to obtain this method, a long learning, trainings and supervisions are necessary.

  1. Rate 360

It means receiving data about a person in true work situations and about features shown by people who interact with him/her (bosses, co-workers, neighbors, employees, customers). Receiving information from different sources makes the method reliable. Disadvantage of it lies in labor intensity (if rate is made without automated system), or extra expenses on software appear.

  1. Profile business-cases.

Those are example of typical work situation in which key features of this position, competence should be shown. Business-case is a task with many known: there is information upon a desicion to be made; there are active participants also involved in the situation. Future co-workers and HR-subdivisions may play the role of extra heroes in business-cases. Accuracy of the choice of typical work situation and professionally created business-case determines reliance of the prognosis while using the method.

  1. Assessment-center.

It is a complex of business-cases for rate not separate competences but whole set of them, both key for the given group of positions or for a company in total. This method is considered to be one of the most prognostic as long as in many situations a person is rated by a few specialists. His accuracy in the first place is determined by how correctly the key competences are defined and also by a quality of developed cases and professionalism of specialists on rate. Apart from business-cases, personality questionnaire, ability tests, interviews on competences may be included into the procedure of assessment-center.

  1. Performance review.

As official, this rating method exists for state organizations only. For the rest of the companies, it is a usual metaphor speaking of organizing and rate procedures implementation. During rating, the real results of a person`s activity are rated but performance review may include additional rating methods, adequate to actual organizational tasks. A private message from an employee to a boss takes a central part in performance review. Possible with elder colleague and HR-manager. During such a conversation in good business atmosphere the achieved results are rated, plans are agreed for the next period, possible obstacles are projected and ways of their overcoming, plans are built on learning and professional development per year. There might be added correctives to an employee motivation based on performance review.

  1. Rating on key performance indices.

This is a maximum formalized method of employee result rating in huge companies. It required an accurately developed method of key performance indices and rate automation. In order for the given kind of rate worked for real not only on result control but also on increasing effectiveness of employees, he should, on the one hand, take strategic targets of the company into account, on the other hand, be clear for every employee. In order to create an optimal staff rate a generalized image of the main methods of staff rate, their direction, reliance, outside and inside cost are to be imagined.