Thalassery is an appealing and vivacious memorable town in Kerala, which is picking up significance as a noteworthy vacationer goal in Kerala. This article is about the concise history, culture, food and different vacation destinations in the wonderful town. Thalassery is an unquestionable requirement see visitor goal


About Thalassery

Thalassery, otherwise called Tellicherry, is a lovely town in the northern Part of Kerala India. Thalassery is picking up significance as a standout amongst the most went to vacationer goals in Kerala. Thalassery is a blend of excellent shorelines, orange shaded precipices, beautiful parks, backwater tidal ponds and different landmarks of religious, compositional and memorable significance. The Government of Kerala has announced Thalassery a legacy city.


Thalassery has situated in the northern piece of Kerala it has an aggregate zone of 23.96 Square KM, Thalassery fringes with Kannur Town which has the locale headquarters, toward the North and Mahe, the union domain which is a piece of Pondicherry toward the south. It fringes with Karnataka’s Coorg locale, toward the East and the Arabian Sea, toward the West.

Convenience at Thalassery

Concerning settlement, different choices are accessible going from spending inns to choice inns, resorts, and homestays which have a variety of offices like touring, Ayurvedic back rubs et cetera at sensible costs.

A short note on history and culture

Each part of Thalassery is energetic and different, given it a chance to be culture, engineering or history the town blessed with characteristic excellence pulls in a great many national and universal voyagers alike. Its prime area pulled in the British towards Thalassery, it is one of the most established British settlements in India and they built the persuasive Thalassery wharf and the Thalassery post. The intrusion of Tipu Sultan brought about the substantial relocation of locals towards the south, constrained changes to Islam, mass killings and destruction. The intrusion changed each part of Thalassery for eternity. Kerala Verma Pazhassi Raja additionally affected the historical backdrop of Thalassery he was one of the conspicuous pioneers who battled against the British. He is known as the lion of Kerala.

Food of Thalassery

Thalassery food has a touch of Arabian impact in it. It uses new ocean depths, fragrant flavors, and coconuts. Thalassery biryani is eminent for its superb flavor and taste. You can likewise appreciate wide assortment of extraordinary and mouth-watering pastries and snacks at the quantity of diners and eateries spread around the town.

Spots of enthusiasm for Thalassery

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

The muzhappilangad shoreline is the greatest Drive-in Beach in Asia and the main drive in shoreline in India. This wonderful shoreline is 4 KM long and one among the most noteworthy vacation destination in Kerala. Since the shoreline is made of compacted sand you can drive the whole length of the shoreline in your own vehicle, the experience of driving through the shoreline in the midst of the breaking waves is amazing. It is additionally perfect for swimming as the huge rocks shield the shallow waters from the remote ocean streams and different risks. A Beach celebration is sorted out each year in April, it pulls in a huge number of vacationers around the globe, Helicopter rides, different displays cum deal and a progression of stimulation and enlightening projects including Political and film stars are a piece of the shoreline fest.

Step by step instructions to reach and offices

The shoreline is arranged on national expressway NH17 which associates Thalassery to Kannur, subsequently on the off chance that you are driving from Thalassery to Kannur, take the main left turn before the Moidu Bridge, to enter an unpaved, town street, wandering through coconut trees which conveys you to the shoreline. The shoreline is an unquestionable requirement see the goal for travelers. Tourism is a work in progress at the shoreline, offices like resorts, eateries or rest houses are yet to create inside the shoreline however that does not obstruct you from getting a charge out of the shoreline.

Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a little, separated and wonderful island which is only 100 meters far from the Muzhappilangad shoreline. This 5 section of land property with a lot of coconut trees, thick green vegetation, and uncommon widely varied vegetation is a lovely sight from the shoreline. You can stroll through the ocean to the island from the shoreline when the tide is low. The island was a private property, its proprietorship was under debate for at some point however in 1998, the Government of Kerala gained the island for tourism advancement.

Rules for going to the island

Dharmadam Island draws in a great many sightseers consistently. On the off chance that you intend to visit the island, you should employ a neighborhood guide or somebody who is very much aware of the island pathways and has a thought regarding the best time to visit. With the difference in tidewater tends to rise quickly and somebody needs to control you through the thick bushes and overdeveloped vegetation.

Best time to visit Thalassery

The town has a moist atmosphere. Sweltering summer is from March to May, while charming winter is from October to February. Storms are from June to September, the place encounters substantial precipitation amid this time. Consequently, October to February is the best time to visit Thalassery.

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