Car servicing might not be a compulsory thing for car owners but it can be a way to extend the life of the vehicle. The main reason to why you have to consider regularly servicing your car is that it prevents sudden problems leading to accidents. Regularly serviced car has great resale value and you get to save money on major repairs in future. There are different types of services including the minor as well as major car service.


Types of car services available

There are basically three types of car services that you will find. The guidelines set by the manufacturer for the different services may depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

  • The most basic kind of service is termed a general service or minor service. Although the service might vary from models of automobiles, the general services are includes changing of oil and oil filter. Apart from that, inspections of under-body, bonnet safety, vehicle fluid level, brakes, belts, light system, hoses, emissions and tyres are undertaken by these minor services.
  • Another form of servicing is termed interim which is becoming less frequent now-a-days. The change of engine oil and oil filters is to be done at normal servicing. But it is also done when automobile works in cruel conditions like dusty environment, racing, towing heavy vehicles etc. This service might not include mechanical checks unless some exceptional condition is faced.

The mileages of the cars that are eligible for major car service may vary according to the car models which can be confusing for many. All the services included in the basic or minor services like change of engine oil and oil filters are includes, and along with that, the major car service also offer different replacement of old and damaged parts, checking the electrical and mechanical parts of the car, car body repairing and maintenance, checking the tyres, brake, clutch and engine system of the car. But car body maintenance such as repairing or polishing of the car can charge you extra amount. The car mechanics will identify the dents and scratches on your car and they will inform you about these things during their major car servicing.   

Importance of major service of car

There is no hard and fast rule for undertaking a specific car service because of these vary according to the different types of car models. But on general term it can be said that the major car service should be done after 40,000 to 45,000 km. While taking the major service you don’t need to consider that whether your car goes to regular minor services. It could be costly and time taking but worthy if you want to extend the life of the car. Major services include:

  • Change of engine oil and oil filter with new.
  • Replacements of air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs.
  • Inspection of brakes, its fluid, lines and pads and replace or adjust them if required.
  • Transmission, power steering, clutch and coolant fluids are flushed out and replaced.
  • Check all belts, lights and windscreen wipers and replace if necessary.
  • A full safety inspection of the car and do a road test.
  • Gear box, transfer case etc. are checked.


A basic or minor servicing of car at regular interval might save your time and money but after some time your car will show troubles and even breakdown while running. Just changing engine oil or filters is a very small part of servicing. Full or major servicing is essential as all major parts are checked and potential problems can be removed.