In this article, we will help you to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network by securing your WiFi device. You can do this by immediately changing the default details of network name and Netgear Router Password from the admin page.

Now, look below the settings that you need to change

  1. Avoid giving out the Network Password

Here, what we like to insist our valuable users, do not share your password with everyone. It is also recommended to change the default password immediately after the process of NETGEAR Router Setup. The password you built, supposed to be about more than 13 characters. Do not use dictionary words, but you can make use of numbers, digits and alphabets.

  1. Relocate your Router

In order to make your device coverage more balanced, consider placing your router at higher ground or middle of your house. Doing this will limit the routers reach beyond home’s walls, kitchen, etc. Also, keep your router away from windows, corridors and external gateways. This step is just to keep your router away from unauthorized source to connect or enter into your network without your permission.

  1. Disable your Router when not in use

If you are planning to go out with your family for a weekend, the best safety measure you can take is unplugging your modem and router from main socket. This is one of the best security measures ever taken by a user. Contact NETGEAR helpline if you face issues regarding the same.

  1. Use Tedious Network Name

It doesn’t sound stupid creating a boring network name will definitely decrease the odds of being chosen as a potential target by unidentified source or people. Using the same series of network name (default) will increase the target of getting into trap. So, in that case, what you have to do, create an extra strong network name of digits and numbers that is supposed to be about 6 characters or more.

  1. Turn off your Computer’s Network Sharing

Did you know the fact that a network sharing allows your computer to share information, files and data with other computers on a same network? This would be the weal point in the network security. In order to get rid of such issues, consider disabling “network sharing” feature on your device. Follow these instructions for Windows computer and for Mac, go to Apple menu and click “system preference” after that you have to hit on “sharing” and uncheck the box named “file sharing”.

  1. Replace your Router

It is the actual fact that after several years routers lose their values especially when it is concerned with the security department. In today’s world of threatening, a new router with the latest firmware would be much better than an older one.

  1. Switch to a range extender

A range extender that is also known as the wireless repeater is the best thing ever that is used for spreading its reach of internet from courtyard to backyard of the house. The process of NETGEAR Extender Setup is simple.

  • Properly plug both extender and router into an electric wall socket.
  • If any of your devices are overheated (router, extender, computer, or modem), perform this process after your devices are cool.
  • Connect your range extender with computer and open a web browser onto it. Once opened with the web browser, you have to type mywifiext into field of the address bar.
  • Moreover, for NETGEAR Extender Login you would acquire to have series of default username and password to field in the required fields.

Note: Consider changing the default details soon after the process of New Extender Setup.

If you don’t have the default details, call NETGEAR Extender Support on toll-free number 1-844-689-9966. We are not just limited to this. You can ask for any help related to NETGEAR troubleshooting or any.

Tips for Securing your Wireless Home Network