To grab a good job one needs to create an impressive CV as it helps the job seekers to get the job easily. The meaningfulinformation in your curriculum vitae gives you a better chance for shortlisting. The way of representing your CV increases the chances of getting selected in the company.


The best skill of abilities will be pointless if you will not represent it in a meaningful way. Thus, take as much time as you need and make a professional and practical CV format to highlights your abilities as it enables an employer to know more quickly the benefits of hiring you.

So, here are some of the steps which one should keep in mind while formatting a CV.

  • Make it simple

Whenever you are creating your CV, just try to make it simple and short. This is one of the best ways to catch the attention of the interviewer. Provide the information in a logical order using sufficient spacing and clear headings. Don’t make it complex as it will be hard to understand for the reader and will distract as well. Use simple font’s style and focus on your information.

  • Enhance the reading experience

While creating your CV, it doesn’t matter how much information you are providing in it, always try to make it pleasant. Try to put bullets in your CV as it will help you in showing your skills and abilities which will thus help in catching the reader’s eye. 

  • Give your CV a professional look

Always try to give your CV a professional look. Try to avoid bright colors or fancy fonts in your CV as it will give an unprofessional look. Always try to use the standard format for the CV. There are generally three types of CV format to make it impressive. Always try to avoid the grammatical error or any spelling mistakes. You should check your CV again and again so to avoid any mistakes. For proofreading, you can give it to your friends or relatives.

  • Use space wisely

Whenever writing your CV, keep an eye on the spaces between the words in order to make it clearly visible and readable. Break up your text into clear sections and use a clear heading. Highlight your most recent achievements using bullets.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the stepswhich will be beneficial in a number of ways during the shortlisting of CV.

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