Asia is such a vast continent that sometimes it is easy for the traveler to get a little lost if he still does not know him well when it comes to planning a first trip through the area, check my source offer financial loan for your honeymoon trip. If it is also about organizing a honeymoon or simply a romantic getaway as a couple, things can become more complicated when it comes to finding the perfect country. For this reason, in Asian Destinations we make a small selection of the best countries to make an unforgettable honeymoon trip:



It is the perfect destination to touch paradise on Earth. A unique light, tropical temperature, the possibility of practicing water sports, a marine fauna typical of the Garden of Eden and a seafood-based gastronomy make these privileged islands one of those places that will not disappoint lovers of beach and coastal tourism. .

The most romantic of Maldives: See a sunset as a couple, a romantic dinner on a deserted beach, sleep in a bungalow on crystal clear waters, enjoy hotels designed in every detail for a honeymoon, live the adventure of diving surrounded by colorful fish. Your honeymoon in Maldives will leave an unforgettable memory.


Probably the favorite destination of Spaniards who travel to Asia in recent years. A country with a population always smiling and welcoming, with an impressive cultural offer, temples that will leave you speechless and one of the most attractive cuisines in Asia. In addition, the affordable price of the stay makes it possible to prepare a tour of the most complete without pocket suffers.

The most romantic thing in Thailand : Take a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, ride an elephant in the jungle, schedule a romantic dinner at the Sirocco Bar (one of the highest terraces-restaurant in the world) with views of Bangkok or enjoy unique moments in a couple on the beaches of Krabi, Phuket or Ko Phi Phi are just some of the options offered by this beautiful Asian country. Visit Koh Samui and stay in exclusive properties of YourKohSamuiVillas.


A unique country for its boundless cultural legacy of which little can be said that globetrotters do not know. Perfect to know from cosmopolitan megalopolises like Tokyo to more traditional places such as Kyoto or rural towns. The Country of the Rising Sun has corners still to be discovered by travelers such as the islands of Ogasawara or Okinawa.

The most romantic thing in Japan: Try the best sushi in the world next to the Shinjuku fish market, Enjoy an Onsen as a couple (although they are separated by sex, there are many options for honeymoon trips), photographed together with the Fuji as a backdrop, contemplating the cherry blossoms in the Sakura period or seeing the ancient temples can be perfect experiences for a couple’s getaway.


Some islands that combine the beach destination with a wide cultural offer. From its temples to its festivities or its dances, places like Singapore, Yogyakarta, Bali or Ubud will dazzle the most experienced traveler.

The most romantic of Indonesia: Bali’s beaches, its gastronomy, the routes along the rice terraces, the sunsets, the volcanoes, the crystal clear waters: Indonesia is one of the favorite destinations of the couple in their own right. This is only a small sample of what Asia offers to newlyweds, but there are many more interesting destinations: Vietnam, Polynesia, Cambodia, Laosand countless other corners that will make your trip a unique experience. Although if not, you can always opt for a perfectly organized tailor-made trip.


Travelling to India on your honeymoon is one the fascinating things to start for married life. There are so many romantic getaways in India to make your honeymoon trip memorable and exotic such as  Ladakh, Kerala, Srinagar, Kullu Manali, Sikkim, Udaipur, Goa.

Top most romantic things to do in India

  • Romantic Boat ride at Lake Pichola, Udaipur
  • Explore the beaches of Goa with your partner
  • Pamper yourself and your partner with exotic and signature spa and Ayurveda treatments.
  • Rekindle your romance by spending a day at houseboat of Kerala
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset at Taj Mahal with your partner.