The fashionable footwear is an important requirement for every man and woman in the world. The leather boots of various kinds are considered as precious accessories that can be matched with almost all dresses. Quite a few numbers of companies are now manufacturing elegant boots from animal skins and UGG is one such prominent name in the world market. It was originally an Australia-based company that also operated in New Zealand, the neighboring country of Australia. However, now it is known as a US company with its headquarters in the city of Goleta in California.


Main Features of UGG Footwear as A Renowned Brand
• UGG is a part of Decker’s Brand of the USA, which is a renowned company. The e-commerce division of this brand operates from Flagstaff, a city in the US State of Arizona.
• Though this company is mainly reputed for selling footwear products, they also sell bags, leather clothing and outerwear, gloves, hats and other accessories, as well as canvases. Different kinds of home products, like blankets, rugs and other bedding items are also sold by this company.
• The huge popularity of UGG products is proved by the increase in its profit margin over the passing years and now its yearly sales surpass $1 billion since quite a few years. Their products are widely seen as fashion statements among the stylish men and women across the world.
• The people from all countries of the world can buy any product online from the website of UGG or from any reputed shopping site. There are many stores of this company all over the USA and some authorized dealers also sell their products directly to the customers.

• The customers may buy gift cards for giving to their near ones, by which the receivers can buy any UGG product of that price mentioned on the gift card, as per their own choice. They just need to visit any of the retail stores of this company to redeem their gift cards. These gift cards can be used for buying the products of this company online, just by putting in the specific number given on the gift card. The customers may also redeem their gift card amounts by showing the proof of the gift card purchase, even if the original gift card is lost or damaged in any way.
• Originally, the Australian designs were used for making the boots of this company. However, now Classic designs are created from sheepskin by the efficient footwear designers of UGG brand. Though this company was established in 1978, this brand became the important root of fashion statement from 2000 onwards till date.
• Various designer shoes have been created in the form of a capsule collection of this brand, in collaboration with Swarovski. Numerous types of boots are available in this capsule collection, which is also used in some famous Hollywood films. Some kids’ special footwear items are also designed with the mini images or figurines of Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and Tinker Bell and many other comic or fairy-tale characters.

So now the customers can get boots not only in black or brown but in all fluorescent colors that young people may love to wear with their party wears. The boots are available in red, baby pink, pale blue and orange colors as well, which is a revolution in the market of footwear. There are attractive boots available for the customers of all ages, which may have fulfilled their craziest imaginations about shoes. They only need to be careful about buying only the genuine products of this company, as some websites may sell false items by using this brand name.