Uttaranchal High Court: Last year in November, the High Court issued headings to constitute the Five Special Investigation Teams to follow the dead bodies, lying scattered/covered in the Kedarnath zone after the fiasco of 2013. It had guided the State government to follow the DNA of all the dead bodies and in like manner advise their families. Alongside this, the Court had issued numerous different bearings like State should keep biometrics information of the considerable number of vacationers/travelers by introducing biometrics machines, find a way to put confinements on mass tourism in eco-touchy zones, to convey most recent apparatus in the region to keep up the streets et cetera. Remembering the headings, the Chief Secretary of the State of Uttarakhand documented the Affidavit of Compliance under the watchful eye of the High Court.



Concerning the consistence with the headings, it has been answered by the respondents that so as to guarantee consistence of Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 in every one of the towns along the Chardham Yatra course, vital bearings have been issued to the District Magistrates. The Court issued couple of extra headings to the ones issued a year ago.

The bearings are counted as takes after:

  • No dumping of rubbish on the two sides of significant waterways and in addition their tributaries inside a range of 01 kilometer from the edges of the banks, straight from one point to the other, inside one week.
  • Declare National Parks, including Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Jim Corbett and Rajaji National Park as Plastic free zones.
  • The state government has been coordinated to constitute an extraordinary unit of Tiger/Elephant Protection Force in Corbett National Park and also Rajaji National Park to shield the tigers and elephants from poaching inside a time of 3 months from the date of judgment.
  • It was of the view that the backwoods watches must be furnished with better weapons and coordinated that the income created by National Parks to be utilized for their own particular welfare and must not be occupied to the State government reserves.
  • It has prompted government to be available to tie-up with the Life Insurance Corporation or some other government-claimed life coverage organization so as to guarantee the pioneers heading out each year to Chardham. The Division Bnech said that the corpus created out of LICs is allowed to be utilized to enhance the earth and environment of the delicate Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath territories/valley.
  • The seat additionally guided the Distruict Magistrates to recognize the premises, inns, ventures, business foundations, Ashrams, Deras and so forth which are contaminating the streams by giving untreated sewage access to the significant waterways and their tributaries inside two weeks.

Alongside these headings, the Bench involving Rajiv Sharma and Alok Sharma, JJ. remembered he right of occupants of uneven zones to network as revered in Article 21 of the Constitution of India and requested that every one of the streets in sloping regions be metalled with the goal that individuals can travel effortlessly and save operations may contact them in time if there should be an occurrence of any normal cataclysm. At last, the Court announced that it expects that all the work to be done as coordinated by it would be finished in time bound way and discarded the request of in like manner. [Ajay Gautam v. UPI, MCC 1199/2017 in Writ Petition (PIL) No.85 of 2014, settled on 18.12.2017]