Many people feel what the use of water purification is.  Well do you think so? Come on, water is one such commodity that is of utmost importance in life. You cannot survive without water. Even if you are consuming water but it is not clean, it would be even worse. You have to be prudent about water consumption.

If you have Eureka Forbes customer care number Kolkata or number of any other water purification centre in your area, you must talk to them. There are plenty of ways in purifying water; right from the ancient ways to the up-to date technology that you have Water is a significant component of your lives and of the earth. 70% of your body is made up of water. 71% of the entire earth is water.  Anyhow, the point is that you have to be careful about the water type you consume. You cannot take a chance with your water consumption.

The chief objective here is to generate safe and clean drinking water for everybody. Water has a lot of chemical particles, algae, ions, bacteria causing parasites, nutrients and much more. Some people even say that water includes minerals and a lot more. So, on the basis of the purpose of water consumption, diverse techniques for water purification have been established.  People do opt for water purification methods as per their convenience.

Boiling water

Where in the past people sued to boil the water and ensure that they are consuming clean and safe water, today boiling is in doubt. Yes, boiling water might defuse the insects or germs but everything blends in the water only. Believe it or not, ultimately everything is getting mixed up in the boiled water. You cannot be sure that you are consuming clean water. Since the pollution is immense today, you cannot take a chance.

Water supplied by Municipality

Many local municipalities make sure that you have the clean and safe water. They mix up chemicals in the water to ensure that the water getting supplied is clean. You know chlorination and flocculation are the two chemical procedures for water purification. Coagulation and flocculation is a term that is used to add up chemical components to the water so as to eradicate unwanted particles – both the organic and inorganic elements. It is important to note down that chlorination or Chlorine disinfection is the commonest disinfection. It is injurious to both humans and germs to use such a method.

Moreover, municipalities use chlorine to make sure that the water is clean before it gets supplied.  But what common men fail to realise is that unnecessary consumption of chlorine can be injurious to health. It can hamper your health adversely. There can be stomach, kidney, liver and other health problems emerge because of extra chlorine filled water consumption. Hence the point is to have a water purifier or filter installed at your place and make sure that the water is cleaned up in the most safe and effective manner.


So, since the water is not really safe for health if not checked; it is important you have a water purification system for your safety. A good water purifier or filter will be effective for anyone.